Houston … we had a problem

So … throw the cumulated stress of holidays, work, another DARN SANE meeting (people STILL suck!!*), and spousal unit discord together … and you get an overweight, middle-aged, crusty ER nurse & mother that crashes … HARD!  I just slept for the last 18 hours STRAIGHT … AMAZING!  While I’m still overweight, middle-aged and probably crusty … I feel like a new person!  And the spousal unit apologized – so all is good in [my] world … for now.  Smile

I’ve had an amazingly non-productive week – at least in the studio.  I do have a blank cookin’ in the production kiln, as I type.  I also have some 2 dozen bottles de-labeled and sanitized, so I can do another bottle slump anytime.  (I have an interesting idea I want to try, involving laser printers and slumped bottles … we’ll see.)  But I’ve not gotten to my big blank coffin slump … 

We did refinance our house this week … that was a painful process, but a good one.  We are now locked into a 15 yr mortgage (half the length of our old one) that’s almost 2 percentage points cheaper, and doesn’t raise the monthly payment … so it had to be done.  I also finished reading a 750+ page novel (the source of the marital discord, as I can get deeply absorbed in a good book) … so alive, refreshed and back from my 18 hour coma … I’m ready to get started.  free_sleeping_Beauty

Time to get busy …

*If you’re curious as to why I keep saying this – refer back to my DARN SANE rant in the 10-6-10 entry: ‘Sleep must be over-rated’

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