Sleep must be over-rated …

At least that’s what my body is telling me … ok – I guess it’s my brain, but same effect.  My husband, who is snoring away, amazes me – we’ve spent SOME time analyzing my insomnia and his reply – in true male fashion – “I just turn my brain off and go to sleep.”  (Literally, that’s what he said!)  Dang … I missed that on/off switch somehow …

It’s all good though.  I use this time for exploring the internet (what new hobby can be discovered??), developing glass designs, prepping photos for uploading and keeping my kilns going.  I have my dogs to keep me company, and my wine to keep me quiet. 🙂

I went to the DARN SANE meeting this week – [WARNING – I’m about to start a rant that has nothing to do with glass fusing, but everything to due with humanity – lasting for the next 4 paragraphs … ] which is an amazing gathering of GOOD ‘powers that be’ (prosecutors, law enforcement, social workers and LACASA – our local agency for child abuse, sexual assault prevention). 

 What an awesome group of people who deal with an incredibly sad sect of the population – from the victims that never deserve what life has handed them to the scum that take advantage of them in such twisted, perverted, sickening ways that even this jaded, sarcastic ER veteran is left with her eyes wide and jaw dangling … no sassy comeback here!  And this is my little HICK county … no big city influence, no metropolis of ‘culture’ or jet-set lifestyles  (- no personal tutors on-set to educate while you get hammered on liquor at age 7, in between sets of your next block-buster motion picture).  Arrrgghhh … it’s so fundamentally broken – where to fix it?  After that meeting, one step at a time feels way too slow, way too little, way too late …  And I’ve been invited to go back next month … ???  HIPPA prevents me from delving any further but WOW! … If you didn’t snap at an old person, yell at a child or kick a dog today (see how we’re not EVEN touching anything sexual) … consider yourself in the running for sainthood!

Too little sleep has me delving into issues that are too deep for my little glass studio blog – but, I ask this of anyone checking this out … consider doing something – volunteering at any outreach, church, community organization … something.  Find something that you feel remotely passionate about – be it geriatrics, kids, hospitals, animals, pregnant teens, soup kitchens, blood drives, lobbying for tougher sentencing for evil people … SOMETHING that connects with you – and make an effort to do something GOOD this week.

OK … ratcheting down.  Alright – not yet, but almost…  Should you ever find that you’re feeling sorry for yourself, must need one more anti-depressant or anxiolytic or some other pill … consider this – if you’re not denied food, clothing, shelter or SAFETY – BY YOUR PARENTS; if you’re not forced to perform sexual acts at age 8 (or younger –  or older? does it make a difference??)… ; If you’re safe from the threat of violence or death in your own home; If you’re not fighting for your own survival (be it in the US, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, etc., … ) do you really have anything to gripe about?  It’s all about perspective … remember that, please … The next time you want to take an ambulance to the ER for a urinary tract infection cuz you’ve had your symptoms for 30 whole minutes (and while there’s some sarcasm there, there’s also truth! … it’s called CRANBERRY – and they sell it in pill form OTC, so you don’t even have to drink that WHOLE bottle of juice, or take the antibiotiocs that cause yeast infections, and if you add some yogurt – you’ll never even have to meet me … )  CONSIDER  …

OK – wow – how to go upbeat from here … Remember what I said about sainthood, I guess …

And here is a pretty picture of a spoon holder (?!?) – and some Yorkie pups to lower the blood pressure (ok – mine) … 

  Emerald n Amethyst Spoon Rest  Yorkie pups - nap time

4 Comments on “Sleep must be over-rated …”

  1. Well well well….for not being a “professional office-y type” you do pretty good stuff with words. I think it’s not a mistake that of all my friends, past and present, I’ve hung onto the few who are most giving, compassionate and loving of all things with a heartbeat. Beautiful blog!


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