3 words … precious metal clays

Let me start with this … I’m sorry about the last rant … I really believe if I wanted to blog about public awareness, I’d … um, make a blog for that.  But there are times when cruelty and lack of human decency hit me right at the knees … and other times it’s just a really big dog (170 pounds) …

Apology (for humanity and compassion) given, moving on …

With that out-of-the-way … I MAY NEVER SLEEP AGAIN!  I finally have my PMC kit, along with new books and other (completely necessary) supplies and … there just aren’t enough hours in the day!  I can’t wait to get started, but am forcing myself to hold off, as I don’t believe toxic fume potential, really hot temperatures (1500+ degrees) and cold medicine mix … there’s no warning label against it, but … I think I’ll wait.

This new medium will allow me to combine some of my ALL TIME FAVORITE things … jewelry – real jewelry – not costume stuff – with real stones and real metals … copper, bronze, silver and gold!!!!  Can you believe it … necklaces, earings, bracelets … and yes rings, but I have to say I’m not crazy about the rings I’ve seen in my books … we’ll see.  AND …  I get to MAKE them … how COOL is that?!?!

Today was our oldest son’s birthday … had great family time – retelling the story of his arrival (City Slicker style) 16 years ago today, dinner at his favorite restaurant, and ice cream cake (a favorite in our family) … So – not a lot of productivity in the studio, but a good day.  I do have some new photos to share … a new slab in requested colors – this was a test run, but I think it’s pretty – and PINK; an iridized marble trivet – playing around with this as I have access to about 40# of these marbles (& other colors) – one photo of front, one of the back; another spoon rest – the green in it is aventurine (sparkly) …; and a couple more rough pendants …

Pretty in Pinks slab marble trivet - front Iridized back of marble trivet

spoonrest #2 Grinch's eye Dichro rough pendant

And … I’ll leave you with some photos of (NOT MY WORK) PMC projects that caught my eye – and I can’t wait to try my own version ….  Gem stones, and photo charms, and – Bears, OH MY!!!   [chanted like the Wizard of OZ … 🙂 ]

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