Prioritizing the To-Do list …

Got through another weekend – or as I like to announce to my coworkers on Monday morning, as I leave the ER achy, tired and drained of most of my compassion … one weekend closer to retirement.  Which is funny to me, as that particular tunnel (retirement) is so long, I see no light or end in sight.

But for now, it’s time to flip hats and focus on the weekday projects:  … while surfing the blogging world I stumbled on an old, no longer kept updated local blog that mentions a store still in existence in my area … one that has PMC supplies, classes, etc.  Must check that out this week!

I’ve fired up both kilns: … haven’t had much luck working with red glass using our particular technique, as the temperatures get so hot, the glass often turns a muddy brownish color, but … I’m trying it again.  Trying for a Christmas slab in red, greens and white.  It’s cooking in my production kiln as I type.  I’ve also fired up the coffin for a melt.  Since I’ve had some requests for larger bowls/platters – I’m finally getting around to one of those … This melt should produce a 15-17 inch slab, so it’s in the coffin all by it’s lonesome, as it won’t fit in my production kiln.  My studio will be warm tonight!

Still playing around with the dichro, learning what glass designs/combinations work well.  Had some dismal failures last week, which is a more painful way to learn, but still – it’s learning … I want to do more with pendants and badge reels, so I plug along.  Am thinking about getting a table top kiln for this – and probably will, but I’d have to clear a spot in the studio first – not as easy as it sounds.

DSC06453 Future badge reel John's dichro

Also played with another marble trivet last week in reds and orange … it’s cracking, which tells me they’re different COE’s and thus can’t be mixed. I’ll keep playing with the marbles, but realize now I can’t have the creative fun I’d hoped to have.  Slumped my first trivet into a bowl of sorts … it’s cute:


As part of my Monday morning drive home routine – I stopped at the grocery store and discovered a blue magnum wine bottle.  I make my own wine, and that’s the wine I like, but … I also wanted this large size blue bottle.  So – suffering for my art, I will drink it down!  Smile

blue magnum bottle

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