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L.A.M. –

Life After Maggie … is tougher than I was prepared for.  I didn’t realize I’d be grieving this much.  And it hits me at strange times throughout the day/night.  But, I haven’t cried today, so I feel like I’m advancing through the… Read More

And they’re off …

So starts the countdown … for the holidays.  Since I’ve decided to turn my little hobby into a business of sorts, I didn’t realize the additional ‘stress’ I willingly added to my load.  Hmmm … crazy me.  But it’s all good.  I… Read More

Viruses, Goblins, and Full Moons … oh my!

So, I’m making some progress – finally feel like my head is no longer sharing space with the virus tumor (Yes – it was a tumor, liquefying my brain – or so I whined to my co-workers on Sunday).  Anyway – the… Read More

Charging my batteries …

While I don’t hold it against Maggie, the rubbing of the Buddha belly did NOT work for this past Sunday … (must have needed more candles.)   And – if I give it much thought, I’m already fearing this weekend, as I watch… Read More

Prioritizing the To-Do list …

Got through another weekend – or as I like to announce to my coworkers on Monday morning, as I leave the ER achy, tired and drained of most of my compassion … one weekend closer to retirement.  Which is funny to me,… Read More

I’ve got the bug …

Well, actually I have TWO … the cold virus (BUG), as some lovely child felt compelled to sneeze into my face at work this weekend … But – what I’m talking about is I’ve reacquired the web design/developing bug … About 5… Read More

Other (non-bowl) projects in the works …

The list of glass ideas is bubbling over … I do love our bowls, but it’s fun to try other things too.  For instance – I have been wanting to try ‘quenching bottles’ for months now … finally getting around to some… Read More

Hello world!

I’m taking advantage of some insomnia to create this web site of our glass designs – complete with blog. My studio was built this past February.  Since then, I have come to love this space, even ‘living’ in it for a time… Read More