Viruses, Goblins, and Full Moons … oh my!

So, I’m making some progress – finally feel like my head is no longer sharing space with the virus tumor (Yes – it was a tumor, liquefying my brain – or so I whined to my co-workers on Sunday).  Anyway – the head is mine again – so the insomnia returns.  It’s ok … I’ll deal with that vs. hosting that miserable virus.

I will even be playing with silver clay tonight!  Already have it designed in my head, now time to see if it’ll translate to an actual pendant.

But – in the meantime, some quick shots of what I’ve been working on this week. 

Bottles:  Slumped my big blue wine bottle, along with some others.  (I have the EJ Gallo jug in the coffin as we speak, ‘bottles – round 2’.)  The Patron bottle didn’t quite turn out as I’d hoped … it’s too odd of a shape, but I do like the open neck that allows the original cork to stay with the bottle … I also really like how the green cheese/hors d’oeuvre tray turned out – I like the extra texture – making it just a little different …

Slumped bottles - round 1 Bottles - round 2 PatronGreen cheese tray

Coasters – I brought that custom mold back out and tried again … I really like this color combination.  It’s only at the first stage – still more work to be done, but I like it …

Cafe au lait coasters

Pendants/Badge reels – work continues, but we have almost a whole kiln-full ready for fire-polishing …

Pendants & badge reels

Spoon rests – cut/grinded and in the kiln for the first pass …

 future spoon rests

I’ve done more with blanks, but now … they’re waiting for their turn to be wet-sanded, which is such a wet mess, we normally do that outside … Have you checked how cold it is out there right now?!?  We even had snow/freezing-rain the other day … I’m waiting for a break in the weather!

And – an update.  I’m back to mother-of-the-year material … OK, maybe not, but – my son’s retainer is fixed, and he is in complete control of his saliva again … Thank You God!

And now to prepare for working the ER this weekend with a full moon bringing in all sorts of ‘creatures of the night’ …


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