Charging my batteries …

While I don’t hold it against Maggie, the rubbing of the Buddha belly did NOT work for this past Sunday … (must have needed more candles.)   And – if I give it much thought, I’m already fearing this weekend, as I watch the moon get larger and larger … Scientifically proven or not, those of us that work in the ER know it as fact – the full moon brings in bizarre patients … But – it’s only the wee hours of Wednesday morning, too soon to dread. 

My oldest son got his retainer this week.  Oh boy – this is gonna be a long year.  For anyone that doesn’t know – the retainers are pretty similar in structure to dentures – except (I HOPE!) his ‘top plate’ doesn’t seem to be fitting right …  He seems to be having saliva-control issues.  Anyone that works with me, especially our night shift respiratory therapist, knows – I don’t do oral secretions well.  So – with my son making this noise – it’s bringing about all of these visuals of copious yellow/green, sticky, stringy ‘snot’ oozing out of trach holes – diligently ‘holding on’, refusing to be suctioned away … I’m not feeling so much like mother-of-the-material, as my son is literally making me want to vomit.  We’ll be calling the orthodontist today.  Movin’ on …

I’ve been a bum the last 2 days:  Discovered a couple of new authors I’m avidly reading, playing with the pups, having some family time.  Not much for productivity in the studio.  Although I am shipping out a couple of items.  And we’ve been making some ‘baby steps’ with the pendants and badge reels … made a few rough, got a few more ready for fire-polishing.

Oh … we are officially participating in a craft show.  Yep – John committed.  So, if you’re not doing anything December 4th – come on by the Warm-n-Cozy Bazaar … and give my husband some grief!  Smile

Heart and bubbles pendant Heart pendant Cabs ready for fire polish


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