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Did I mention …

I love my studio!!  It’s true – I do.  Even when experiments don’t come out as planned … it’s not as painful.  I just moved on to other projects, letting the set-backs ruminate for a bit … They’re almost cute – darn… Read More

I’ve got the bug …

Well, actually I have TWO … the cold virus (BUG), as some lovely child felt compelled to sneeze into my face at work this weekend … But – what I’m talking about is I’ve reacquired the web design/developing bug … About 5… Read More

It’s chilly outside, but the kilns are kickin’

I’m working on some magnets … working out the design aspects of them, but in the meantime, some pot-melt ‘blanks’, some of the past ‘non-bowl’ stuff and some recycled (excuse me – up-cycled) bottles went into the kilns today, as well as a… Read More