It’s chilly outside, but the kilns are kickin’

I’m working on some magnets … working out the design aspects of them, but in the meantime, some pot-melt ‘blanks’, some of the past ‘non-bowl’ stuff and some recycled (excuse me – up-cycled) bottles went into the kilns today, as well as a new pendant …

coffin - with newly slumped bowls, etc. 'Baby' - with non-bowl projects 2nd batch of coffin projects   

Some of the completed bowls …

 Beachy Storm  Platter of Blues - for my sister

And two others …   

 Stormy Ripples Green Lantern - or Jamaica II  

And our latest pendant … with a serious question … which end to make the ‘top’ … in the first pic, it reminds me of Jamaican dancers in traditional dress, in the second … I’m not sure … which one looks better???    

Jamaican Dancer ? Star Trek Comm ? 

I’ll leave you with my ‘peanut’ … we’ve been having thunderstorms lately … and my Maggie snuggled into my robe, left on the bed, apparently to cover her ears from the thunder …


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