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I think I ‘misthunk’ …Doh!

And it’s slowing me down.  But – better safe than sorry.  I was just about ready to run my ‘mosaic’ and frit coffin load when it occurred to me that I might want to full-fuse the bases to the tops (of about… Read More

The calm before the storm …

So, the kids are officially on summer vacation.  They’ve ALREADY started talk about things we should do, buy and partake in to ensure they’re properly entertained this Summer … Oy Vay!  This started right after I asked them to remove the 80… Read More


Both the good and bad kind: The good:  I am in love with this – a Wireless Photo Upload card … I realize I take a lot of pictures – between dogs, kids, puppies, family and my fused glass/crafts.  I’ve never understood… Read More

WWU – I work with some Nutty Nurses …

Of course, that means the night is NEVER dull, but … Wow!  Meet Buddy, our ‘team mascot’ for the last shift of my weekend.  Some nurses consider ANYTHING a patient gives them as a precious gift to be treasured … even PARASITIC BUGS!  [An… Read More

But Maaa – I don’t wanna ….

I’m on such a productive roll in the studio – I don’t wanna go back to work, darn it! [Arms crossed with pouty face!] I have pictures:  Finally got some badge reel photos taking in prep for listing in the shops:  … Read More

I’ve got the bug …

Well, actually I have TWO … the cold virus (BUG), as some lovely child felt compelled to sneeze into my face at work this weekend … But – what I’m talking about is I’ve reacquired the web design/developing bug … About 5… Read More

It’s chilly outside, but the kilns are kickin’

I’m working on some magnets … working out the design aspects of them, but in the meantime, some pot-melt ‘blanks’, some of the past ‘non-bowl’ stuff and some recycled (excuse me – up-cycled) bottles went into the kilns today, as well as a… Read More

Recent works

So – I’ve gone back to my ‘day job’  (I’m an ER nurse, and I work nights …), after being off for some time due to breaking my knee [long story that involves my 170# Neapolitan Mastiff – he’s a friendly, goofy, overly… Read More

Hello world!

I’m taking advantage of some insomnia to create this web site of our glass designs – complete with blog. My studio was built this past February.  Since then, I have come to love this space, even ‘living’ in it for a time… Read More