Both the good and bad kind:

The good:  I am in love with this – a Wireless Photo Upload card … EyeFi-very-cool I realize I take a lot of pictures – between dogs, kids, puppies, family and my fused glass/crafts.  I’ve never understood folks who can use their camera SD card (or other storage card) for months (to YEARS) at a time without needing to transfer the images – my dad is one of those folks.  Anyway, I upload pics multiple times a week, if not daily.  But this program/device/thingy … sends the images right to my computer within seconds of taking them.  I’d researched one by a famous name brand (the makers of my camera), to the tune of $150, and seriously considered it.  This bad boy (Eye-Fi) was $40!  Too Cool!

image-loading       wireless--image-transfer

The bad:  Here’s another bowl that came out of my recent coffin slump run … recent-slumpingIt’s stunning – but the back/bottom has a problem I’ve not encountered before.  Very unsightly.  The other day, DH helped scrub off kiln wash, and the blank was cleaned and eye-clear before slumping.  Makes me wonder if he used some weird man-tool or compound/solvent???  Hmmm … I’ll be playing with coldworking (not fun for me) to see if I can salvage the bowl or add to my collection of studio work bowls …

ugly-back-reaction       discolored-reaction

But not right now … now it’s time to think dinner thoughts.  It’s a good day to BBQ, I think.  And maybe take some pictures (like my growing Chayote!) … Winking smile

2 Comments on “Amazing!!!”

  1. What a beautiful bowl! I hope you can get the back cleared. Do you have access to a sand blaster? That may be an option to smoothing the back of the bowl, although it would then have a matte finish and it wouldn’t be crystal clear. Just a thought. I’m going to have to check out your Eye-Fi I too take a lot of pictures and spend too much time uploading.

    BTW – I love the gadgets that you have been posting!


    • Have sandblasted the bowl since posting … it’s better but still there … back to coldworking or bust, darnit! Thanks for suggesting.
      Technology – it’s so cool (when I understand it!) 🙂


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