WWU – I work with some Nutty Nurses …

Of course, that means the night is NEVER dull, but … Wow!  Meet Buddy, our ‘team mascot’ for the last shift of my weekend.  Some nurses consider ANYTHING a patient gives them as a precious gift to be treasured … even PARASITIC BUGS!  [An engorged tick for all you folks not up on your entomology] … Ugggghhhh!


[Um, yeah – lets change the subject!] … Studio news:  I had some successes from my latest coffin run … Love these bowls:

Iris-bowl  earth-platter  milky-way-bowl

And my night lights are cute … Now ready to attach to their base(s):

galaxy-night-light      carnaval-night-light

My Peacock Platter is coming along.  The border is roughed in, almost ready for gluing and grouting:


My week ahead:  I have an in-service at the Michigan Crime Lab (for my SANE job) this week.  Should be interesting, and it puts me in the same city as my favorite glass supply store … Surprised smile

Otherwise, I will continue to tinker in the studio, garden and yard.  I want to try weaving with glass, and recently received the molds needed … But for now, I need to think happy thoughts  so that I can sleep WITHOUT dreaming of ticks!

[I was going to put another photo of “ticks on a host” here, but can’t bring myself to do it … you can Google it if you want your skin to crawl/itch and feel an overwhelming need to shower WITH a scrub brush, bleach and scalding water!!!]

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