Back in my studio …

Had a full day out and about, but ending with some happy time in the studio.  Went to the crime lab ‘Meet & Greet’ … imagine a room full of SANE nurses, social workers and a few lawyers against one lone crime lab director.  He did great(!) and I’m hopeful more positive process changes will be coming for victims of rape.  Since I was in the area, I ‘popped’ into Delphi Glass.  Oh, I had me-some-fun there … New experiments and projects to come over the upcoming days/weeks …

Like this … while it didn’t photograph as flashy as it looks in person, I’m in love with this glass by Uroboros (blue streamer bits), and will be making a ‘square’ bowl from it. [More pictures to come …]


I’ve been making blanks this week.  Should be able to run the coffin for debubbling and bowls next week …

large-platter-blank         more-blanks

screen-doorDH either loves me or was tired of my whining constructive complaints.  I haven’t decided if they’re power-surges (umm, that’s code for hot flashes) or not, but in this in-between weather (not really AC weather yet), I’m not tolerating my studio without air flow – and I don’t do bugs … so he installed a screen door for me.  BEAUTIFUL, isn’t it?!?  (I’ll get around to painting it … someday!)

Did some clean up with my ‘mystery-reaction’ … it’s better, but I still have work to do (before and after):

discolored-reaction        after-sand-blasting

daughters-nite-liteAnd the kids hung out (in the studio) with me, showing (teenage) interest in what I do here [VERY short-lived].  While I haven’t hooked them into becoming next generation warm-glass artists yet … my youngest daughter decided she loved this night-light, so it will be gracing her bedroom wall now.

I’ll leave with a pic DH sent me … Mighty Zeus on the move, with his chops flopping in the breeze!  Smile


1 Comments on “Back in my studio …”

  1. Love your new blanks! You inspired me to try a mesh/stainless steel melt. I went to hot for too long and ended up bending the stainless steel thing that I picked up at the hardware store. I’m going to have to get a second one and not process as long this time around. Cheers!


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