Win, lose or … draw!

Had some successes, a failure(!) and slow, but steady progress in the studio:

My square bowls … wouldn’t fit in my production kiln, so ‘energy-conscious’ gal that I am, I loaded the coffin up.  I will now, [eventually] be making three square bowls (only have the one mold).  And I’ve got a few pieces of another experiment in there (a ‘woven’ bowl).  I say pieces, as they wouldn’t all fit!  I figure it will be a few weeks before I can process, assemble and finish all of these in an energy-conscious way, DARNIT!

projects      woven-bowl-experiment

Meanwhile, DH played in the studio.  He had an idea for a blank, explained his end-goal vision and I let him have at it.  Oops!  Needless to say, his vision and the actual output aren’t in alignment … can you say ‘DUKEY’!?!


DSC03073I’m making progress on my peacock platter.  Having issue with the fusing adhesive I’m using (it’s called ‘No Days’) … it’s taking forever to dry (like almost a week!)!!  I don’t know if it’s Michigan’s humidity or what?  But, I finally have it grouted, and will be waiting for THAT  to dry … and move on to clean up, fusing and slumping.

But now, I will switch gears and get ready for work.  The great news – my garden is planted and the Chayotes ARE GROWING! our-chayote

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