Recent works

So – I’ve gone back to my ‘day job’  (I’m an ER nurse, and I work nights …), after being off for some time due to breaking my knee [long story that involves my 170# Neapolitan Mastiff – he’s a friendly, goofy, overly excited dog] … the older I get, the more I subscribe to my Sunday-school teacher’s philosophy … “gettin’ old isn’t for wimps” …Wedding gift

But, work in the studio does continue, at a somewhat slower pace:  My nephew got married this past weekend, and we made a bowl in chosen colors, a custom wine label (along w/the wine), and custom candle labels (along with the candles) to commemorate their big day …

And I did get around to buying the ribbon to hang my butterfly suncatchers … gives the window just the right ‘homey-interest’, I think …

Studio window  butterflies ... closer

And here’s my pendant light … installed!

Pendant light
As you can see by my photos, I love Christmas ... I keep some decorations up in the studio all year long ... 🙂

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