Falling into Autumn holidays …

With the cooler weather seeming to take up permanent residence, hopes of an Indian Summer start to wither with my garden … While I love Fall, I hate losing Summer – closing up the pool; moving flower pots, baskets, decorations and windchimes to storage, as our Michigan winters destroy anything left to the elements; thoughts of the soon-to-come Winter hibernation …

But I do love Fall – for those few short weeks – just warm enough during the day with cool nights, the vibrant colors of the leaves changing, thoughts of apple cider and doughnuts … Just last week I made several fall/’homey’-scented soy candles – Pumpkin Cinnamon, Sugared Pecans, Creme Brule, Butterscotch.  My studio and the house are full of wonderful scents … the kids came home from school thinking that I had been baking … so silly! 🙂

But with cool weather here, Halloween and Thanksgiving just around the corner, time to think of my next Autumn-colors bowl …

Trick or Treat Bowl Fall Colors Bowl Candy Corn Bowl Autumn & Tomato Soup Bowl

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