I think I ‘misthunk’ …Doh!

And it’s slowing me down.  But – better safe than sorry.  I was just about ready to run my ‘mosaic’ and frit coffin load when it occurred to me that I might want to full-fuse the bases to the tops (of about 1/2 of them) BEFORE I ‘tack fuse’ (a little hotter than that, but same difference in this instance) …


testSo, now I’m running a test in the production kiln.  One ‘grouted’ piece – that can withstand close to full fusing temps, and one that I probably don’t want to take that high … If I’m right, it means I’ve got some re-working to do, as I’ve already glued the designs in place.  Aaarrggh!  I guess   we’ll see …

Tomorrow is Day One of my glass class – sure hope I wake up on time …


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