Yeah, but …

The cool stuff is coming!!!  I have successfully survived 48 hours of being out in the A.M., with the rest of the DAY-Walkers, without spontaneously combusting.  I never said I was happy about it – cuz, I’m not.  I feel sick … big virus, hit by a ‘Mack-truck’, worse than any HANGOVER* sick.  My rhythm’s are all off (was that a PVC???) – but I’m doing it!  And I’m LOVING my classes.  *OK – maybe NOT worse than that Citron hangover, but still …

Here’s a quick pic of what came home with me.  The great news: … some of my even-cooler pendant blanks are being fired (at the school), while I type; And, I FINALLY got to enjoy my pool this afternoon;  AND (I know, right?) … I have this really cool stuff sitting in my fridge!!!  [No, I don’t mean the beer (although – pretty cool!).  I mean the emulsion papers!  Who DOESN’T want 10 pieces of light-sensitive glass-specific paper taking up a special drawer in their refrigerator???]  Winking smile

class---day-one      glass-photo-screen-in-fridg

It (the paper) is for creating my own colored ‘decal’ looking designs on glass.  If I can screen-print and paint it … I can make it.  I know, it’s mind-boggling [???]… but it’s all good.  Trust me!!!

And, my coffin kiln load worked … I think (??)!  It’s still too warm to touch, but nothing over-cooked.  I do believe I’ll have 6 new bowls and a night light in days to come.


I’ve got to go … bed-time is coming, so that I can be up at the Crack of Dawn tomorrow morning  … [whine!]


2 Comments on “Yeah, but …”

  1. I have not seen the emulsion paper before, where did you buy it? Love the crack of dawn photo…lol 🙂


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