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Happy Independence Week …

Yep, I stretched that day out to a whole week!  Family time, play time, and plenty of food!  All while giving thanks for those who [have] provide[d] for my independence … Not much to show from the studio (although, I am sporting… Read More

Happy as … Larry(?)

I’d never heard that particular idiom (link for the origin of this phrase can be found here), but – I’m happy, so go ahead – call me Larry … Great week!  Good food/family time, a bit of sunshine in the pool, lots… Read More

Yeah, but …

The cool stuff is coming!!!  I have successfully survived 48 hours of being out in the A.M., with the rest of the DAY-Walkers, without spontaneously combusting.  I never said I was happy about it – cuz, I’m not.  I feel sick …… Read More

They say the 1st is the toughest …

So true …  But – it’s finally done!  My glass mobile … After working through some production difficulties, and spending time learning the fine-art of beading wire (with my hand cramping up too many times to count!) … it’s hanging outside the … Read More

Ahead of the game … ???

Yes – for the moment:  Our weekly Neo pup photo-shoot is done (that’s a lot of photos!) email correspondence up to date studio clean and ready for the next project (no small task since I’m still receiving mail order packages) had a… Read More


This week marks the one year anniversary of my Etsy shop … how time flies.  11,000 hits in this past year!  Wow!  I want to thank everyone for their interest in my little hobby! It makes for a fitting time to try… Read More