Sweet Days of Summer

Another catch-up post … DH and I are enjoying the summer.  We had the kids out last week to celebrate 3 of the 4 birthdays (the twins are 23, and our oldest daughter will soon be 28 … Dang, someone around here is getting OLD!!!).  It was a fun night, and we’re so proud of the adults they have jewelweedbecome!

Speaking of our oldest, she managed to tangle with poison ivy not long ago … She’s over it now, but has quite a bit on her property.  We recently discovered jewelweed here at our house (which is helpful with the itch of poison ivy as well as the sting of stinging nettles – which we have in abundance!  Much of that nettle is in my raised beds this year – Grrr!) … So she went home with some jewelweed – hopefully the transplant will be successful!

Our garden is producing.  We recently put up 6 quarts of (green/yellow/purple) beans, and have gathered another 6 (or more) for freezing.  We’re putting our eggplant to good use, too.  I made tian (or a version of ratatouille) last week.  This week we made spaghetti with zoodles (zucchini noodles), adding spinach, eggplant, ground turkey and a touch of cream cheese to the sauce. (While it may not look so good in the photo, it tastes great!)


tian   spaghetti-zoodles

asparagus-beanWe harvested our first asparagus bean … check out that bean!  They are really starting to climb the cow panel trellis!

The Ladies (our chickens) are doing well, greeting us every time we pass the coop – wanting more treats (they may be a tad spoiled, but they’re my girls!) …

Our canine crew is doing great too.  We will be having Neapolitan Mastiff pups next week, as our Josie is getting quite large.  Puppy breath!!!  I’m excited!

I’m producing in the studio in bits and spurts, mostly spoon rests.  I’m also cleaning/organizing  – and that helps rekindle the mojo …

I’ll leave with a quick photo of our pond, which was recently ‘rented out’ for the day by a gaggle of geese.  They’ve since moved on, but I think they enjoyed their get-together … Winking smile


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