Goodnight 2019 …

Our tax prep is DONE, dropped off to our favorite tax man, we’ll find out how well we did next week.  But, can I just say THANK GOODNESS!


It wasn’t all bad, as we took plenty of breaks … Fed the Ladies a bit of watermelon (they love it!); We enjoyed some pool time with our new ‘Sharkey’ thermometer (DH’s nickname); And caught Linda enjoying our sweet peas (just sniffing, no eating) …

                ladies-with-watermelon sharkey-thermometer Linda-sweet-peas

We also kept up with our garden, which is filling in so nicely:


My tomatoes are growing – and that means my experiment worked! Yay!  We have Roma and Honey Delight Cherry tomatoes ‘cooking’ as I type.  Plus, we harvested our first ever Japanese eggplant along with a handful of purple beans … (Now I’m on the hunt for some good eggplant recipes …) Smile



And we ate well, trying another version of the Chicken with Bok Choy and Mushrooms recipe … YUM (Thank you Caroline!)!


So, that huge (tax prep) weight lifted, I think we’ll tackle a few must do house jobs (a little painting, a little deep cleaning) … after a weekend of ER nursing fun, of course!

I’ll leave with a quick pic of Chloe – “Whatcha sayin’ Mom??”  Winking smile  Have a safe weekend Y’all!chloe-whatusay

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