In Limbo …

While I wait to hear back from my boss, who has offered to ‘check into things’ regarding my family insurance situation … So, I’m (still) staying busy. 

I made cards:  A few Hugs & Kisses cards; I turned some alcohol-inked background pieces into birthday and Hello Friend cards; along with a couple die cut rose-thank you cards.

hug-kisses-cards AI-smile-friend-cards rose-thanks-cards

We’ve tried a couple of new recipes:  Air Fryer air-fryer-cauliflower-frittersCauliflower Fritters (a blending of a few I found online), and Smothered Chicken with Bok Choy  (Thank you April!).  We used regular bok choy – as that’s what I had on hand, but I’m sure baby bok choy would be better (more tender).  This is essentially all cooked in one (cast iron, stove top) pan – but I made a double batch, so we had to pull out our 12″ electric skillet.  Our youngest son stopped in, just in time for dinner, and he agrees both recipes are keepers!

Smothered-chicken-with-bok-choy steamed-bok-choy chicken-mushroom-gravy

I even have the studio production kiln revved up, cooking glass!  It’s a batch of spoon rests.  I cut for 15, so it’ll take a few days to get the blanks done.  And, I hope to play with some silk screening glass designs … maybe tomorrow!

In between, I play with pups.  Rotunda is all baboon-aszzy (in heat) at the moment, so she’s sticking with me in the studio when we aren’t all together.  My poor hormonal girl is sleepy – and needy!  Luv you, Ro!sleepy-Rotunda

Have a safe weekend, Y’all!  I’ll be heading back to “Flu-ville” for 24 hours of bob-n-weaving ER nursing fun!  [There will be no mention of Corona – or any other beer-brands here!]  Winking smile

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