CowBell & the Baboon Aszzz …

Chloe got through her first heat.  Good golly it was painful!  I needed to take pseudo-affected ibuprofen through-out the whole ordeal!   So, let’s just describe the hot-mess, horror story with her rear end swelling to a situation x300 % base-line, combined with irritated, raw-looking redness, and my own ovaries and hormones screaming in sympathetic protest!  So hideously swollen, I ended up buying special ‘panties’ for the girl.  Yep, $30 and some velcro-magic later ~ and it was all under wraps!  Cuz, really … Who wants to see that level of discomfort???  OK … here you go(!), but I warned you! … It. Is. SCARY!!!baboon aszzz

I Know… I KNOW(!!!) … You Cannot UNSEE THAT!!!  Well, there ya go!  The pain and trauma I’ve been going through during Chloe’s first ‘cycle’.  [I never said this was a family-friendly/SFW site …]  But, Chloe is coming back from the dark-side.  Parts are retracting, sh*t is shrinking, and body-image is almost back to plump-girl-norms … I have a PTSD appointment.  And, CowBell is once again chasing Yorkie-sisters and snoring like a COPD/WWF –champ!

So, I made a few stamped ring-dishes tonight … My therapist approved!  Glass = Good Therapy!  Winking smile


Wow … I’m not sure I can take any more of these ‘cycles’ … But here she is, all back to her normal, goofy-self!  My sweet Chloe CowBell …


***PS – I’m pretty sure IT was strobing/pulsating ‘911’ or ‘S.O.S.’ in it’s hay-day … Just sayin’…

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