New ‘art’ and other news …

I became (re-)obsessed with stamping, coloring and card making this week.  I know … It’s been a strange week!

Ahem … back to card making.  I’ve reorganized those supplies, dusted off my stamp storage, dug in to my water colors, copic markers and distress inks.  So, yeah … MAYBE  I ordered a few more things.  But, I am loving my Tiim Holtz Tonic stamping platform … takes all the guess work out of stamp placement!  Here are my cards, not yet permanently assembled (glued):


And, I’ve turned some plain rubber stamps into foam backed (usable) stamps with the ease of a heat knife (keep google searching until you find the $7.99 version – it’s all you need):

mount-and-cut-stamps   mounting-stamps

My week has been so wild, because our youngest son is away for his 2 week ‘GI Joe adventure’ (reserve duties) while Chloe has been taken over by the ‘Baboons Aszzz’!  I swear I heard it screaming crazy monkey cries one night!  So, she is off to spend some quality time with her boyfriend … in Ohio.  Ro and I are lost without ‘the Cowbell’ … Good thing I have ER nursing this weekend to keep me occupied.



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