My problem …

WHEN I’m willing to admit there may BE AN ISSUE … And, really – WHY bother diagnosing, if there isn’t any medication or treatment for ‘SAID’ symptoms …

Anyway, I digress … My [‘ALLEGED’] problem may be that I read too many tutorials and discover new ideas well before MUCH NEEDED supplies can arrive.

20180316_033656I am currently the proud owner of 2 GARBAGE BAGS full of MR. CLEAN ERASERS … Now, I’m a tidy gal – as much as the next girl … BUT(!) – Why did I feel compelled to purchase TWO FULL BAGS?!?  Sure – I got a deal(!) – waiting for them to appear via the ‘Slow Boat From China’ … But. WHY?!?  I’m certain there was a nifty crafting project in there, somewhere …

etched-metalsMeanwhile, I’ve moved on … I’m etching copper and brass like a BOSS!  While I wait for some enameling supplies to be delivered.  In the meantime, I could color with pencils, if only my GESSO was here.  And in the BETWEEN-TIME … I’ve watched a few card-stamping videos, so now I have those water-color brush pens coming ….

DANG – I’ will be the best-supplied, white haired, crazy-woman in the homeless shelter of our county!  I keep trying to get DH to play a bit of murrini-making with me …  Good thing my GURLZ love me …



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