flower-blankLook what I made!  Etched brass, ready for enameling!  Except … I just realized I probably won’t have success with my enamels [I bought Thompson copper enamels vs. low fire (aluminum/brass) enamels] … DOH!

The good news – this etching process works just as well with copper.  Which will be tomorrow’s experiment.  And, maybe I can try the colored-pencil-on-metal-technique with these, while I continue to patiently wait for my latest enameling supplies to arrive. 

Anyway – here are a few process photos and the other etched brass charms I made.

etching-brass electrolytic-setup electrolytic-etching



On the glass front: I will be in mesh-melt mode as I have WAY TOO MUCH scrap glass going on.  Here’s a photo of one of our blanks from years ago and my current scrap ‘collection’ …



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