And, back to reality …

Paradise was … well ~ PARADISE!  A great sun-filled escape!  We arrived back to find our homestead still standing, all two and four-legged family healthy.  So, unpacked – but still sporting a bit of sunshine color, it’s time to get back into the grind.

While I haven’t fired up my kilns yet, I do have some ideas brewing.  I did some online shopping for a few more needed copper-enameling and metal-etching supplies … I organized my stash of metal wires, and wrapped up a pendant.  I like it!


rainbow-scarf-startedDuring our airline flights, I tried to focus on a bit of double sided knitting (the Rainbow scarf).  Not exactly perfect, but it’s a start.  [Turbulence … not ideal for two-handed knitting!]  If I were one for perfection, I would rip it back … but, nah!  I like the lack of symmetry.  [I don’t, but I don’t like starting over either …]

Leaving with smiling sisters … They’re glad I’m home, too!  I’ve got today to transition back to ER-nurse mode …  [Fingers crossed!] Winking smile



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