T.G.I Summer!!!

Chloe-meets-poolFinally – some Michigan sunshine!  Chloe met the big pool.  We even tried getting her in, to float on a raft … Based on the flailing and wrestling match to get her back on the deck, I’d say she didn’t like it.  So, she has her own wading pool on the deck … which she loves.  

chicken-saladAnd then we made dinner … an impromptu chicken salad: (shredded chicken, carrots & parmesan cheese, pepper, chives, sautéed mushrooms, diced water chestnuts & pickle, a touch of mayo), on a lightly toasted sandwich.  It was good!

Of course, we played with puppies … Some of them are starting to open their eyes! Smile  As we roll into next week, we’ll start the always entertaining (and MESSY) process of introducing them to gruel!


And, then I painted a bit in the studio … Love them!  So, now it’s time to see what the kiln does with them … Fingers crossed!  

stamped-enamel-firing    reverse-enamel-dishes-step3enamel---my-favorite

Happy Summer!!!

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