Happy Father’s Day

lemon-soapSo, my dad and grandpa got Amazon-love … Umm, without cards!  What’s up with that???  Where are the ‘gift notes’ Amazon?!? [Horrible daughter/grand-daughter hangs head in shame …]

DH bought himself a gift (a pneumatic tire changer-thingy), along with my father’s day gift (an XT glass tile saw – thanks, Babe!), and his own (surprise) Amazon gifts … along with this:  [Alas, also no card … I’m awful!!!]

Yep … it’s four bottles of hand soap.  Ummm … home-made hand soap!!!  It’s soft for the skin … And, DH LOVES it!!! Here’s the pinterest link for anyone that wants to give it a try …

And, just because I know he needed it … I ordered this shirt for him.  Awww … Winking smile  It’s at viralstyle.com, if you know someone that needs one too!

perfect wife living the dream

Off to work I go for 24 hours of ER nursing fun!  Have a happy Father’s day, y’all!!!

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