Summer Lovin’ …

DH surprised me tonight by suggesting a vit pull.  Aww … Thanks, babe!  So – we did.  It’s Bullseye aqua, teal, steel blue, emerald green, powder blue, warm white and clear.  I’m happy with the results!


cat-dog-enamel-spoon-restsAnd then, I stole a few hours for enamel projects … I love the cat & dog spoon rests.  We’ll see what the kiln makes out of the ring dishes (especially the Día de Muertos Mr. & Mrs. on the far right) … I also cut up one of my crackle poppy components, added a strip of coordinating tapestry glass, and stamped a poppy image for reverse enameling … Oh my!  So many areas to go wrong.  [Fingers crossed!]  Time to get a kiln or two going!

more-stamped-ring-dishes    poppy-plate

Leaving with a quick photo of our Victor, who took a minute to pose as he soaked up some rays while eyeing his domain … Handsome Boy!  Cute puppy pics to come, and I’m hoping for a bit of pool time soon!


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