Getting back up – dusting myself off …

After last week’s huge mental blow, DH and I are starting to correct the insurance situation.  I’ve reached out to my employer’s HR, but don’t hold much hope for assistance.

In the meantime, I’m cooking like a fiend.  And making cards.  And making desserts.  Apparently keeping busy is helping me …

spinach-cream-cheese-mozzarSo, we’ve tried a few new recipes, along with some tried & true comfort food:

The Spinach Cream Cheese Mozzarella Chicken is a keeper! (Thank you, Christina!)

I managed to destroy the wontons in this Shrimp Wonton Soup with added mushrooms.  Minus the wonton disaster – DH likes the soup …

shrimp-wontons-FAIL shrimp-wonton-soup

And, DH felt the need to cook up an enormous steak.  So, I added some sweet potato fries (love our air fryer!)

DH-makes-steak    airfryer-sweet-potato-fries

baby-cardI finished the baby shower card for my sister, made a few thank you cards, revisited my rose stamp, and cut up one of my alcohol inked papers for a couple ‘Beautiful’ cards.  Then I played with water coloring … Hmm – not great, but it’s learning …. Next up, a few more alcohol inked cards, I think.

heartfelt-thanks-cards   rose-cards   alcohol-ink-beautiful-cards   


lemon-turnoversAnd, desserts – because DH loves them.  While not pretty – the Lemon  Cream Turnover is an easy make, and YUMMY! (Thanks, Julie!) My version of Puff Pastry Cinnamon Apples look more like baby rotisserie chickens, but they taste good!  And, tonight we made Instant Pot Chocolate Cheesecake … They’re still cooling, so – we’ll see.

puff-pastry-cinnamon-apples     IP-chocolate-cheesecake

Meanwhile, our moms and pups are all doing well.  I’ll leave with a quick pic of Georgie’s girls, Yennifer and Penelope … Awww. Smile



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