And – In an Instant …

I’m so defeated!  My year has been turned upside down, all on one day.  At first I was incredulous … Then it started sinking in, and my hands started shaking, and then – as I was tearing my office/studio upside down, I broke down and cried.

Thus went my Friday …  pre-filled with crazy ideas of playing with glass and stamps, making happiness … Hmm, uhhmm, ahhh … NOPE!!!

Apparently, last November, when the deadline was approaching, DH and I went through my employer’s latest SUPER-TRICKY employee benefit package.  It was so difficult, we ran up to work to grab a ‘cheat sheet packet’ to help us bob-n-weave through the confusing mumbo-jumbo – to choose the best (new, modified – with cuts in coverage, and increased personal costs …) medical insurance package for our family.  So we did it, TOGETHER(!), step by-excruciatingly-confusing step …

Fast forward to today, I called my employer’s health fitness on-line presence, as DH kept saying he couldn’t start this year’s BULLSH*T ‘good-health’ quarterly on-line health assessment … so I called.  After several painful phone calls/transfers, I’m told that I signed up for medical coverage for JUST ME.  I continued the dental and vision coverage FOR MY FAMILY, but I opted for medical coverage for JUST ME …  WHAT?!?  … no, No, NO!!!  I did not.  I would not!  This is a part of why I work where I work.  WHAT!?!  So, as I spoke with my company’s HR representative  – she was less than understanding, less than compassionate, and completely unhelpful!  When I asked if it was possible that there was a mistake – not on my end, she said, ‘Sure … if you can find the confirmation page you should have printed …”’

So, I had a full-fledged melt down, UGLY TEARS and ALL.  My studio and all printing areas have been turned upside down.  I’m a mess.  Eventually, DH says, ‘No problem – we’ll just pick up extra insurance.’  I feel like I can cover doctor visits for a mere $1500-2000 more,  but inpatient … catastrophic-only coverage  … KILL ME NOW!

And then – my love, my mate, my Mr. Forgetful says … ‘Well, maybe you did check that box for just you …’  ***WHAT*** ??? …. Ohh, buddy!  Oh-partner-of-mine … WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY???

I’m beat.  Down and out!  I give up … Thanks, employer! Thanks, partner!

[Good thing I’m covered – as I feel I may need all the anti-depressant medications and therapies available … up to, and including possible INPATIENT … Grrrr!]

Leaving with some cute canine photos … I love these guys!

pup-2-20        >georgie-n-girls

1 Comments on “And – In an Instant …”

  1. I’m sooo sorry. My insurance does not change from year to year unless I change it. Otherwise it rolls over exactly as it was the previous year, so it would be difficult to do what happened to you. We just have to renew flex spending plans each year separately.


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