Back on Track …

We struggled in the nursery for a bit, as our Gina had her pups on Friday.  Juggling the needs of the babies, new Moms, the rest of our four-legged crew and dinners … Whew!  As we watch the newborns 24/7, DH and I flip to our best schedules – he takes the day watch and I do the nights.  Those first few days, with Mom being a ‘finicky eater’ at best(!), while watching a giant dog try to maneuver gracefully among the squirming mob of babies … Can I just say I’m glad we’re here now.  The pups have more than doubled in size, Moms are eating like they’re feeding an army, DH and I are cooking in batches (for everyone!) and I managed to get a few card tops colored.

airfryer-popcorn-chickenSo, here are the photos:  We tried our hand at air fryer Popcorn Chicken and Avocado Fries last week.  They were good.  avacado-friesEarly this week (I think), I made a big vat of Sausage Cabbage soup (with loads of other veggies).  [I apologize for the blurry, ‘action camera’ photo.  I was trying to get the good stuff stirred up to the top …]  And last night DH cooked pork chops, so today I made mashed redskin potatoes and Garlic Butter Tuscan Mushrooms (minus the sun dried tomatoes, as I just don’t love them) for a gravy for the meat and potatoes.  Even the moms liked the potatoes and gravy! Winking smile [Thank you for the recipe, Karina!]

sausage-cabbage-vegetable-s mashed-redskin-potatoes Garlic-Butter-Mushroom-Grav

first-try-mastiffI Copic colored that mastiff stamp, twice.  Not great (realistic), but I think the intent comes across (it looks like a blue Neapolitan Mastiff), right?  I’ll try again, I’m certain! 


And, I made a blended heart background – for the bunny from last week (which I like), but tried the watercolor penciled unicorn on it … and laughed out loud.  It feels like a 70’s velvet Elvis poster … Smile

blended-heart-background bunny-heart-card unicorn-heart-card

I do like the daisy flower background.  And today I made some distress oxide (watercolor) backgrounds … just because.

daisy-background   DO-backgrounds

Still no photos of the babies to share, as I’m struggling to get images from my phone to our laptop in the nursery (I have wifi transfer in the studio) … They’re coming, I promise!  Hugs Y’all!!!

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