A Busy Week …

But a GOOD week!  Our Josie had her babies while I was working Sunday night.  DH kept me updated.  So, we spent our week on ‘pup watch’, with DH taking the day shift and me watching over the nights. 


first-august-harvestWhile I miss my studio time, it always amazes me to see our babies grow and develop.  Josie is a gentle, very careful mom, so I’m able to work in the kitchen in bits and spurts.  And, we take our early morning or late afternoon outside trips to work a bit in the garden. And visit/feed our Ladies (chickens).  Here are some of our garden harvests this week.

beets-pattypan our-potatoes bean-harvest-2

I made zucchini bread, roasted beets, roasted potatoes with basil, sautéed zucchini/egg plant/pattypan squash with parmesan cheese, blanched and put up another giant batch of beans.

zucchini-bread  roasted-beetspotatoes-basil zucchini-eggplant-pattypan blanched-beans

egg-salad-prepTonight I made egg salad (along with some extra hard boiled eggs for Josie), prepped green onion for freezing and crushed those egg shells (calcium supplement) for the Ladies … who should start laying their own eggs within the next couple of weeks!

Yep, a good week!  Next up … 24 hours of ER nursing fun!  Leaving with  a cute photo of Miss Linda Blue …   Be safe y’all!


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