Happy Independence Week …

Yep, I stretched that day out to a whole week!  Family time, play time, and plenty of food!  All while giving thanks for those who [have] provide[d] for my independence …

Not much to show from the studio (although, I am sporting a sunburn from time in the pool) … Here’s a picture of the first kiln running all week – working on more plates/platters and a fleur-de-lys trial:


dry-stencil-filmAnd, here’s a (hopefully) neat-something I ordered in the mail … If this works the way I hope, it will incorporate some of the toys I have to allow for easy/fun screen printing on glass.  I plan to play with it this coming week.

But, now I think I have just enough time for another dip in the pool and romp with the pooches before I head off to work …

Thor @6wks

Happy Independence Week, Ya’ll …


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