TGIS … Thank God it’s Sunny!!!

DH and I have been empty-nesters all week, as the twins are at camp.  So – I’ve spent the week in the pool (during the day – in the sunshine).  And played a bit in the studio in the evenings.  Here’s my coffin load, ready for slumping – and a [taboo] photo post-slumping (at 500 degrees – not supposed to open the kiln then … oops!).  Can’t wait to get my hands on them:

slump-load-before     slump-load-cooling

And, here are a few of the pieces from the last coffin load:  peacock; tree of life (finished); and a Celtic design I played with (COE 90 steel blue that turns silver when exposed during firing).  It didn’t do what I had envisioned, but … it’s all learning(!) and it’s salvageable …

peacock-tile      tree-of-life-in-stand

celtic-tile      back-of-celtic-tile---silver

I also played a bit more with svg files, the plotter and screen printing:  Betty Boop.  Something happened here (right)… ???  Hmmm, I didn’t take it too hot; I also didn’t vent it (DOH!) – so maybe that’s why the red is yucky; I didn’t realize when I purchased them, but the screens are used – so maybe a chemical reaction from something on the screens???  And lastly – although it doesn’t hold true for her eyes (white opal) or jewelry (marigold opal), it’s possible that the black is overpowering the other powders as they’re a mix of transparents/opals … IDK.  I’ve got the left piece firing in a vented kiln now, so we’ll see.


The twins come home tomorrow!  Smile  And – I head back to work.  Sad smile  I took a hit on Monday, when my boss pulled me aside to point out the joys of working with women.  I spent time this week processing my way through it, getting over the feelings of anger, hurt, and petty cattiness … So, ready or not – here I come …


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