Ahead of the game … ???

Yes – for the moment: 

  • neo-pupOur weekly Neo pup photo-shoot is done (that’s a lot of photos!)
  • email correspondence up to date
  • studio clean and ready for the next project (no small task since I’m still receiving mail order packages)
  • had a very good gripe session with my therapist/nail tech (… Thanks Jill!) – can now proceed with the summer without fear of beating anyone
  • am slowly coming to terms with the fact that my co-coffin-kilnworker/side-kick (my ROCK!) is soon leaving for a completely unauthorized maternity leave (the occasional panic attack still hits …)
  • have completed DARN-SANE call for the week
  • my kiln is cooling down (run for the first time this week!) with new goodies …

And it’s only Thursday – which means I have all day tomorrow to play and prepare for the weekend!  The timing is perfect – my burn has turned, so I’m ready for more!  Smile


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