Raindrops on roses … helps the medicine go down (?)

Week-end wrap-up:

marcie-birdsSome light moments scattered within are what got me through this weekend … While pretty painful during the process – now that I’ve survived it, we had some comical scenes.  Lots of unnecessary drama (WHAT IS IT with 20-somethings, anyway???)  … And while I can’t get as deep into detail as I’d love to … let’s just leave it with this burning question:  Why would a woman dye her [head] hair a bright, noticeable color and then pencil in non-existent eyebrows with GRAY eyeliner?  If you can answer that question (connect those dots) – then the rest of her logic would make sense, I’m sure …

Saturday was busy, standing-room-only kind of busy … lots of ambulances, lots of people, lots of traffic.  Not life-saving busy, but chaotic (minor lacerations, car accidents, pink eye(s), cooperative intoxicants, chest pains, belly pains, the FLU etc.).  And we had lots of cooks in the kitchen this weekend.  It’s painful to develop a working game plan on-the-fly, just in time to have a co-worker crush it.  By the time I got to plan ‘G’ – I was getting frustrated … But we survived.

ladder heightsCustomer-service super-agent that I am … I even replaced freshly vomited-on cubicle-curtains … You have to really try to picture this to appreciate it:  An overweight, arthritic-knee nurse teetering on a ladder trying to hang yards (and yards … and YARDS) of material via ‘fish-hooks’ suspended 10+ feet in the air – as no one else in the hospital would do it – and the smell of vomit was overwhelming (… even my non-existent olfactory sense was affected – and protesting)!  All because I was the ‘chosen one’ (charge nurse) for the night.  I don’t even do that kind of thing at home!

I have one more weekend to enjoy before my friend/confidant/little-sister goes on maternity leave … And she’s ready now, I can see it.  But the real unsung-hero that she is … she plugs away – always there, always helping … never griping.  [She teaches me – this old dog – ‘new’ tricks!]  Love you, Momma!


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