The lists … now and later

Up at 5:30 this morning, armed with coffee and bagel … ready to plan for the ‘week’.  The twins (my babies) turn 14 this week.  And leave for camp this weekend.  So shopping and packing top the list.  Mattie’s babies are moving on to their new homes, Sienna’s babies will be heading out next week … Sad smile  So, visits, vet appointments and flights to arrange …

While scoping the ‘net early this morning, I stumbled upon a hobby I’d never researched before … and have no idea why I hadn’t … it’s a great fit for me, I think.  And, I already have some of the necessary stuff to play … Just a few needed supplies – oh, and maybe a few pricey pieces of equipment.  ghost movieWhat is it, you wonder?  POTTERY!  Why hadn’t I ever thought to play with clay???  Before you groan like DH – remember, for me it starts with books … so I’ve ordered a few.  But – I can already see a little nook carved out in the (new) studio for a potter’s wheel and supplies … with ‘Ghost’ playing in the background or the Righteous Brother’s singing on the stereoSmile

Studio news – will keep tinkering with letters/mobiles and bottles, while I continue to learn about digital editing for heat-press designs.  I’m on the hunt for a large (tall) toaster oven for some of my bigger/non-flat dye-sub pieces (cookie canisters) … once you use an oven for them, you’re not supposed to cook food in that oven.  Since I really don’t want to develop testicular cancer down the road – I figure I should have a dedicated oven.

And, I’m trying to motivate DH to start a ‘honey-do’ project or two:  We have a pond, and I’d really love a bridge over the ‘creek’ that feeds into it.  Or … we have a temporary wall (very unsightly) under our deck.  I would love that wall finished, with siding and rock façade … HINT, HINT Honey!!


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