Just keep swimming, just keep swimming …

The To-Do list is out of control … My working vacation was too short to get anywhere near the bottom of that list – Darn it!!!

But – it is summer, and the sun is shining this week … and I DID visit my favorite glass supply store.  So I will not whine [much] …

I started working on my own badge reels/pendants (my first post-class attempts).  The first two I worked on tonight were flops …DOH!  S’ok – I’ll figure out what I’m doing wrong … (they started out good – hard to tell, I know, as I’m working in the dark with light sensitive supplies:)


WWU:  To add interest, we worked without air rainbow-2012conditioning for the first half of the shift on Saturday (downed power line).  I’m still traumatized over it.  My house is a frigid 50 degrees right now, and if the kids dare to complain, they promptly receive my most-stern ‘Mother look’!  Sunday, we discovered one of our own was in a pretty substantial accident.  She’s doing well, but has a long, no-fun road of recovery ahead.  Prayers to her!

So with all this bad MoJo rolling around – I’m taking it as a  good sign that I recently captured (on film, at least) a rainbow in our backyard …

I hope to get the kilns running and get back on track before the week is out … Just Keep Swimmin’ …

Nemo and Dory

1 Comments on “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming …”

  1. Good luck on your pendants. I am sure you will figure it out! It is hard when you spent $$ on a class and then have to come back and figure it out all over again, trying to remember all of the steps, but you will and they will be beautiful.


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