Better …

I’m starting to have slightly more reliable results with my new glass techniques, but still struggling with consistency (- although, I AM getting better at working in the dark with light-sensitive materials and glass.  I only cut myself 3 times tonight!) … We’ll get there, but here’s what I have for now:


On an upbeat note:  1) I’m done with my mandatory (FOREVER-hanging-over-my-head) work competencies.  Three+ hours of on-line HELL are now over – for at least another 3 months.

cloudy streaky clear2): Remember my issue with the clouding/streaking clear on some of my cabs?  Well, it’s been resolved.  I contacted Wissmach (since it happened again on a larger piece – this time on the bottom) and they explained what was the probable cause … The company is graciously sending out some replacement clear glass. That’s great!

And 3): Yesterday was my dad’s birthday … Thanks to Edible Arrangements WITH delivery – I am still the favorite oldest child!  Happy Birthday Dad, enjoy your low cholesterol fruit!!!

My current struggles:  It’s hot in here – DH broke my AC unit (… Don’t Ask!), and my back up unit isn’t ‘strong’ enough to keep the studio cool.  So now, we’re considering central air for the BARN!!!  (Yes – I recognize that I am a brat, that’s why I’m struggling!)  To be a little fair to me … HE broke the unit; And according to my thermometer, it’s still 82 degrees in here (better than the reported 91 degrees from a few hours ago) …

And 2):  I’ve decided I NEED a table-top kiln (8×8 inch).  (No, I really don’t … but I WANT one – a whole lot!!!)  Isn’t it beautiful?!?   Smile


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