Sometimes I don’t like people very much … AKA WWU

Wow … I’m sooo glad this weekend is over!  Way too many recreational (=CODE for drug and alcohol related) injuries for my liking.  There is a subtle (ummm, NOT!) difference in working at my ‘lil Country-Club ER … folks (including the drunk and/or high ones) expect superb customer service – even while they’re dropping ‘F-bombs’ and other ‘colorful-expressions’ loud enough to wake the dead …

AND (- let me set the stage):  We were busy(!) … At one point, I was running my own rashRevolvingDoor and isolated-extremity injury clinic, all revolving-door style, when a patient in respiratory arrest arrived.  [For you non-medical peeps – the person was NOT breathing/was ACTIVELY dying!]  This patient, in any ER becomes top priority.  As the entire team worked to stabilize the patient, I updated the remaining folks about the rationale behind their delay … It goes something like this: “I’m sorry.  We have a patient that isn’t breathing, and it’s tying our staff and doctors up.  Once stabilized, the doc will be in to see you right away …”  ICPR actually had TWO separate  patients/parties say, “Can’t someone else see me, isn’t there another doctor???”  Wow!  Really???  Even with the ‘dying person’ delay – those folks were in and out in UNDER 90 minutes (82 minutes to be exact – including registration!) … In what world does 5-day-old-itchy-rash come before NOT BREATHING?!?  (FYI – no one managed to die in my ER this weekend.)

One final tip: If you put your call-light on to ‘ASK’ for MORE coffee in a busy ER, you’re not going to make any friends with the nursing staff … Just sayin’!!

[Shaking it off …] My week ahead:  I’ll continue to work on dichro cab pieces.  I had a couple more successes yesterday morning:

Dichro-fleur-de-lis      dichro-RN

But right now, the sun is shining and my pool is calling me …


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