It’s all about priorities …

New AC unit/central air or a table top kiln???  Hmmm … well, the new kiln will (hopefully) be here next week! Cuz, ya know, it’s good to sweat – cleanses the pores, holistically rids the body of toxins, or something like that …

kingpin---my-new-kiln            central air - not this year

And, as I’ve mentioned – I have ‘Fred’ (Sanford) for a husband.  So, he’s got it all worked out how he’s going to “MacGyver” something together to cool the barn down … We’ll see.

macgyver style

Last night, in between shedding a few pounds of excess water weight, I had some more dichro cab pieces turn out well:

etched-cabs       7-3-12-dichro-cabs

My grandparents will soon be celebrating their 65th wedding anniversary.  While pouring through my family photos, I realized I don’t have a copy of their wedding day pic.  But, I did stumble on this one … taken some 35 years ago.  Love the ‘Hugh Heffner’ look my Gramps had going … Winking smile  So, I’m playing with the image to see what ‘lil memento I can create, all dye-sub style …


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