It’s getting hot in here …

Oh Fred … I know you’re trying!  Look at what my poor DH has ‘rigged’ for me lately, in an effort to cool down the studio …


And, to add insult – he’s having issue with our pool.  Being the redneck version of Fred imagesCADQAU9VSanford that he is … he has 3 filters, all in various stages of dilapidation, that he keeps switching around in an effort to clear up the water; he’s dumped all sorts of ‘problem-solving’ chemicals in it; he’s testing the pH and other various levels daily (always spot-on perfect); he’s back-flushing [almost hourly] …and, the water still looks more like lime jell-O than crystal-clear blue-sky … DOH!!!

But, unlike many of my Michigan counterparts – we have power (electricity) and running water without sump-pump issues.  So, I’m not complaining …

I’ve had a couple more successful cabs as I try out new designs … I’m working mostly at night, when there’s a little breeze in the air.  But now, I’m waiting for some additional supplies to arrive …

7-6-12-dichro      7-6-12-cab

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