It’s the little things …

My new baby kiln arrived – and I love her!  Fired her up last night and drove home the point that I have a new kiln to learn (each kiln has their own heating personalities, preferences, etc.) … DOH!  If I’d been thinking, I wouldn’t have loaded so many pieces, among a few other key things …

new-kiln      table-top-kiln-loaded


But I was tired, and not thinking too clearly … as, for some reason, my body thought being up and moving for 36 hours sounded like a good idea (INSOMNIA – gotta love it!).  [WWU – the weekend wasn’t awful, just mentally challenging … as always – I’m glad it’s over.]

Anyway – here are the little pieces, ground and ready for the next step/firing in the kiln:

cabs-fired-7-10-12      fairy-wings

And, a HUGE THANKS to my ‘Fred’ (DH) … who finally diagnosed and repaired my studio plumbing situation.  The toilet flushes EVERY TIME now and is officially open for business!  Yep – it’s all about the little things!!! Smile


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