Month: August 2012

Dogs = Good Therapy!

Crummy day!  Started with a wake-up SANE call … yeah, my favorite.  Spent way too many hours ‘debating’* with police agencies on behalf of my patient, ending several hours later with a temporary ‘truce’ – before I start again tomorrow … [*one… Read More

On a roll – and then …

I was on a roll, feeling good(!) – UNTIL … But first, the good: I got through the weekend(!), while taking care of some difficult, NEEDY patients  and families … (‘nuf said!)  I was able to get to sleep early Monday morning,… Read More

The cup is more than half full … and it’s Summer

Had our weekly photo-shoot.  Sienna’s boys are showing signs of being ready for more sustenance (weaning).  Zonie’s babies have opened their eyes.  We have folks calling and visiting regularly – which means the maid is working double duty, but hey … it’s… Read More

The Giving Tree … AKA WWU

‘Round and ‘round we go … [Warning – philosophical, WORDY post!] I hate it when I get mad at work.  Aarrrggh, WHY?!?  Anger is (almost) always a wasted emotion.  But, when a mid-level practitioner [one I feel I’ve helped raise and mold over… Read More

I should know better …

than to play in my studio when I’m annoyed and tired.  But no … I’m waiting to see if the sun will come out (for a quick dip in the pool) before crashing – after a long, busy night at work –… Read More

Studio Time, Presents and Dogs … OH MY!

Have eked out some studio time … playing with a Tigger (from Winnie the Pooh – DH’s favorite) ornament.  I plan to paint it, but set it on my recent blank (in oranges, reds and golds) and I kinda like the look… Read More

Sunshine …THANK YOU!!!

It was wayyy too early to start feeling S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder) … but with 4 days of cloudy-gloom in AUGUST – that’s what was happening!  So thank you sunshine for appearing!  DH and the kids thank you too! My time in… Read More

22 Years of Wedded Bliss …

OK – not always.  But we do have our moments … Like – now.   While granting me some alone/studio time, DH is making dinner, while the twins babysit the den (pups).  Awww … And, I’ve got to show off the sweet card… Read More

Tiptoe through the …

No, not tulips … Puppies!  The gang’s all here.  Zonie started having her babies in the wee hours of Tuesday morning (about 4am) … Now, some 36 hours later (we all got some sleep), we are settling into a great routine of… Read More

Wish me luck …

Time to take a deep breath and hit the week running … In between the demands of daily driver’s ed for the twins, our puppy nursery (9 days old today), our canine ante-partum nursery (Mama Zonie is due this week), photography, shipping… Read More