The Giving Tree … AKA WWU

‘Round and ‘round we go … [Warning – philosophical, WORDY post!]

I hate it when I get mad at work.  Aarrrggh, WHY?!?  Anger angryis (almost) always a wasted emotion. 

But, when a mid-level practitioner [one I feel I’ve helped raise and mold over the years] decided to stand on his soap-box and lecture ME about being tired of hearing “nurses complain about his orders”, I got mad.  What this former pupil of mine doesn’t recognize is that he is still chasing the ‘life-saving-high’ that certain complex procedures can give – when performed SUCCESSFULLY.  Forget the fact that some of these current ER mandates are not only useless, but down-right bad in the face of good nursing care or unskilled medical care.  [Lactic acid levels and central lines – in a free-standing, rural E.R. … THIS means sick folk get flown out PRONTO!], ARRRGGHHH!!!  If you understand the concept behind AGGRESSIVE fluid hydration, how the body works in a septic patient  and WHAT you’re chasing … there’s no NEED to delay transfer for the problematic central line … just sayin’!!!]  

mad-nurseBut no, he lumped me in with ALL NURSES … even the bad/whiney/clueless ones … OH, that hurt!  Dude, you did NOT just go THERE??? 

I spent a LOT of time last night working through my emotional turmoil.  My initial response – “You are SOOO on your own now … Listen here, you little punk! … Think a nurse can’t make your life difficult? … Watch and learn, young Padawan!”  And while I relished in those evil thoughts for a bit, I realized I would never jeopardize a patient’s health – even if the medical practitioner deserved it.  He eventually apologized – in a weak, MALE fashion [- ‘I don’t understand what your issue is, BUT  …’], “sorry … Are we good now?” …

The Giving TreeSo … HOURS later, once again in my Mother Theresa/zen-like WISDOM – I’m circling around with this question:  Is it MY current life-stage malfunction?  I’m reminded of one of my favorite childhood books – “The Giving Tree” (by Shel Silverstein), and while I accept that I’m NOT at that particular altruistic point of view [‘the tree’] right now … Will I EVER BE???

Oh  – such DEEPNESS on a Monday morning …  The reality of today:  Everyone got GOOD CARE in my ER this weekend; I may have taken the next step on the ‘Road to Maturity’ – or maybe my hormone levels have just peaked for this month (?!?); … Predictions are for a WARMING-TREND and SUNSHINE  in Michigan this week!!!  So – at the end of the weekend … It’s All Good!

sunshine - pool

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