I should know better …

glass-paintingthan to play in my studio when I’m annoyed and tired.  But no … I’m waiting to see if the sun will come out (for a quick dip in the pool) before crashing – after a long, busy night at work – in order to go back for 12 more hours of fun tonight.  So – I’m playing with my current studio projects:  [I’m back to] painting on glass …


Here’s my Tigger ornament (before and after fusing the black):

glass-Tigger     Tigger-after-fusing

And, trying to work through some internal annoyance, I was inspired to make a Cruella Deville ornament … there’s some kind of therapeutic transference of energy in this project, I’m sure.  Anyway, here she is after fusing the black, and with round one of color added (and now drying) … Hummphhh – we’ll see.

Ode-to-EB     Evil-Biologic-art

Also have another round of etched cabs waiting for their turn in the baby kiln; And my latest blue blank – I like it.  Should be able to get the coffin loaded some time this coming week …

new-etched-cabs     blue-blank-8=19

[Yawwwnn] … Wait – is that the sun peekin’???  Mmm – not yet.  I’ll leave with a quick pic of Mighty Zeus waiting for the sunshine with me …


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