Studio Time, Presents and Dogs … OH MY!

glass-TiggerHave eked out some studio time … playing with a Tigger (from Winnie the Pooh – DH’s favorite) ornament.  I plan to paint it, but set it on my recent blank (in oranges, reds and golds) and I kinda like the look … Whatcha think? (It’s black glass paint, that looks gray until fused …)

Anyway – here is the full blank.  I’ve got another one (this time in shades of blue) cookin’ in the kiln as I type …


Olivia-BdayWe received a wonderful surprise in the mail yesterday.  It’s our Olivia’s birthday, and one of our extended family sent us a present – full of homemade dog treats (that smell incredibly YUMMY – pumpkin and peanut butter!!!) for our whole canine gang … AWWW!  And a too-cute Neapolitan Mastiff birthday card!  Thanks Jenny and Dexter!

So – we caught some pics of a few of the four-legged kids enjoying Olivia’s treats:  Livvie (the birthday girl), Zeus and Momma Zonie (with some of her pups).  Too Cute!!!  (Don’t worry – everyone (with four legs) got some …)

Liv-treats zeus-treat Zonie-pups-treats

But now, it’s time to make dinner … Shrimp Alfredo (for the two-legged folks here).

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