Sunshine …THANK YOU!!!

It was wayyy too early to start feeling S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder) … but with 4 days of cloudy-gloom in AUGUST – that’s what was happening!  So thank you sunshine for appearing!  DH and the kids thank you too!

My time in the studio was also much needed – and productive:  Spoon rests cut; A few successful future-cabs; DH did a little cutting too (his work in progress picture-frame); Another new blank made (AND one in the kiln as I type) … Working my way up to a coffin-load!  Yay!!

spoon-rests-8-14  dichro-cabs-8-14  DH-tulips  mega-blank-8-14

I’ll leave with a couple cute pics of Sienna’s boys – who are finally peekin’! Smile

Sienna's-Mack   Sienna's-boys

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